Breast Reduction

You might have had a breast enlargement procedure in recent years and want breast reduction for a number of reasons, we have recommended a clinic on the home page of this blog who have a great reputation for breast reduction surgery.

The breast reduction surgery takes a few hours to do, you will need a few weeks to recover as your body will be adjusting but you will feel better after it’s done.  It could be psychologically you feel too self-conscious about the size of your breasts, maybe they are totally out of proportion to your body and you feel you wear clothes to cover up your body.

Pick a Breast Reduction Surgeon

Research who is the best surgeon in your geographical area.  Make an appointment and get a full quote, you will need to meet the surgeon a few times before the surgery and also afterwards for check-ups.  Bearing in mind how intimate this procedure is, you will need to work with a surgeon you feel completely comfortable with.

Which Clinic?

We have posted a link on the home page of this blog for a great clinic.  They are clinics throughout the UK and they have a very good reputation for providing an honest consultation and reasonable with their costs.  Even if you get a quote after a consultation you can then make some decisions regarding when you have the surgery, it may be that you are ready now, or in a year’s time.

Credentials of a Surgeon

Make sure the Surgeon is a member of the appropriate professional body and is fully qualified.  No credible surgeon will object to being asked how long they have been in practice.  Ask to see actual patient before and after images, not stock photos purchased online.  You need to feel comfortable that their work is what you are looking for.  It is after all a very private thing.