Breast Enlargement

Increase the size of your Breasts

Breast Enlargement can make you feel more confident, sexy and self-assured.  Some adults wish for years they had larger breasts and just accept what nature has given them.  There is no need, you can find out how much it costs for a breast enlargement procedure (boob job) and then work out either a payment plan or save up so you can pay cash.  The important thing is to find a good clinic that will look after you, before and after the surgery.

Breast Enlargement Surgery

The surgery itself is done under anaesthetic and normally it is done within 90 – 120 minutes.  Make sure you have met with surgeon a few times to get an assessment and recommendation from the professional and also to describe in detail what you are looking for.  Surgeons are not mind readers, what you have in your head could be completely unrealistic.  For example, if you are 5 foot in height and want HH cup size, your frame probably wouldn’t carry it off.  Their job is to tell you what they feel is right for you.

Recovery Time

It will probably take a few weeks recovery time, the Surgeon will advise you wear a sports bra for support in the few weeks after surgery and you shouldn’t drive for the first week.  Avoid picking anything too heavy up and don’t be surprised if you feel a tightness across your chest after the surgery.  You just need to be careful not to overly exert yourself.

What Could Go Wrong

There are many things that could go wrong;

  • Breast Enlargement is too big
  • There is a crease or fold that is really obvious and you would struggle in a bikini
  • Implant may rotate and this would make it look abnormal

We have recommended a clinic, please go to the home page of this blog.  They are excellent and will answer any questions you have.  They have a reputation for providing first class service and surgical procedures.