Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is a major cosmetic surgery procedure. It is now very common for both men and women to look at hair transplant surgery.


Hair transplant surgery – where to go?


There are many great hair transplant surgery clinics in the UK. The major cities in the United Kingdom seem to have a few to choose from but when you look into it very few are actually based in the city they claim. London seems to be the only exception seems to be London where there are many to choose from, if you are looking at other cities we have chosen a few to look at below;

There is also a few in Belfast and again we have looked at so if you do live outwith London and are looking at hair transplant surgery check out the hair transplant surgery clinics above.

Paying for Cosmetic Surgery

Paying for cosmetic surgery is an area which can also determine wither you are dealing with a viable cosmetic surgery clinic or not. It is worth noting that cosmetic surgery clinics offering proper payment plans through a proper payment plan company are normally legit.

Don’t worry if you have the cash in the bank or through a sipp pension asking the payment plan question can help set your mind at ease whilst still paying what ever way you like.


If you do decide to go ahead with a payment plan it is always worth while taking legal advice on such contracts. What ever way you do decide to pay it is also worthwhile doing your research on the actual plastic surgeon who will be carrying out the cosmetic surgery procedure.

Breast Surgery Implants

Getting breast surgery implants can at first feel very daunting. Getting the right cosmetic surgeon can have a massive effect on how well the surgery turns out to be.

Some plastic surgeons in the UK are specialists at breast augmentation which if past results are anything to go by would certainly be the way to go.

If you have had any cosmetic surgery procedure and feel it is needed corrected go to a breast surgery expert for an opinion. If you feel you may have had bad advice or indeed a breast surgery nightmare get expert legal; advice from the family law experts in Bournemouth at