Breast Augmentation

Some people call Breast Augmentation a Boob Job, Breast Enlargement etc.  It means improving the appearance of your breasts, it might be that one is larger than the other or that your breasts are sagging after childbirth.  You don’t need to dramatically go up cup sizes to have a breast augmentation procedure, you might just want to tighten, balance or shape what nature has given you!

What is Breast Augmentation

Basically, it is called sculpting your body or body contouring.  If you want to increase your bust size, then, of course, you can get implants, you may want to reduce your breasts as you might have lost weight.  Some people have had implants and want them removed.  Regardless of the reason, we recommend this group of clinics theplasticsurgeonclinic to do breast augmentation procedures.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

You will immediately feel sexier, your clothes will fit better and you will probably find that you possibly wear more revealing clothes to show off your body.  Some people go out and buy a whole new wardrobe as maybe they were wearing drab clothes because they didn’t feel good.

Get a Consultation

If you are considering this, you need to do your research first.  Don’t just pick a clinic to make contact with off an internet search, ask for recommendations or if you feel it’s too sensitive look for reviews online so you can read what other people have said.  A good clinic will look after you before and after the procedure.  It is your body and it can be daunting as an adult to get a surgical procedure, for females their breasts are a large part of who they are.

IMPORTANT POINT: Men who feel they have Moobs can get them balanced, fat taken away and lifted.  This is a very common procedure in the UK. 

  • The operation is done in a few hours under general anaesthetic but it’s critical that you know what to expect.  This is where the research comes in, so you know what to ask the surgeon who will be doing the procedure.  You absolutely have to make sure they know what you want and what you expect re the results.